Tour Wellbeing Tips

After three years of touring with Earth Events, we know too well the importance of maintaining our wellbeing on the road. Planning a tour? Here are some tips:

Know your limits. Event days are filled with adrenaline, so you want to take care of yourself in the lead up (and the come down!). Add in the flights and air-conditioned hotel rooms, and while heaps of fun it can lead to exhaustion and burn out. Lord knows how I used to add the booze in too during my old music touring days!

I’ve learnt to stick to morning meditation and some yin yoga stretches to music on my phone. Essential oils on the hotel pillow really help me sleep as it smells like home.

I always track down green veggie juices, eat extra protein and increase Vitamin C and Zinc when travelling.

Chiro adjustments and massages after flights, events and heavy lifting do make a world of difference too.

And I try to get plenty of alone time on the road to recharge, which can be hard when touring with people I love as I want to stay up all night talking, although I know now when to pull back.

Many of the event pros and speakers I have worked with are aware of their limits and requirements. An exhausted touring party is not a happy or efficient one.

Take care of yourself and you will have a better experience.. and event!

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