Stepping Off The Hustle Bus

Hey Soulpreneur,

Yvette Luciano here from the Earth Academy and I want to share a little message with you today: that its time to step off the HUSTLE bus.

Somehow many of us have flown up and into the hype and glorification of HUSTLING and PUSHING our way to our destination. And if that FEELS good for you, thats cool keep going.

Although if you, like me, want to FEEL more peace and flow along the path to your purpose, lets work together to choose other powerful words that feel good..

like breathe






Now Im not saying this is an excuse to stop diligently working towards your goals and destinations, far from it.

There are times in our careers and businesses that require late nights, and far too much time at a computer screen. I get it, me too. Although lets please be mindful of the energy and words that we choose, as we will attract the audience, clients and abundance of that frequency.

As one of our Soulpreneur teachers, Belinda Davidson says Soulful businesses are created with space, stillness, flow and showing up when youre called to without worrying, or being attached to the outcome. Go for health, Not hustle

So at the end of the day, peace, patience and persistance are a perfect formula for the soulful success that we are all working towards as soulpreneurs.

Im going to be back next month to share some exciting updates on what is coming here at The Earth Academy, so even if you missed the cut off for enrolments to our 2016 Soulpreneurs program, you wont miss more upcoming free classes, tools, gifts and fun events that will help you create the career and life you love to wake up to.


OR, if you’re ready to rise up, our Soulpreneurs Course has now opened for 2017 Enrolments! Find out more: HERE

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