10 Steps To Peace And Presence


Soulpreneurs on a mission to heal the world can slip into anxiety, stress and overwhelm before they have a chance to catch themselves. Sounds like you? Here are some reminders of how we can all find more inner peace and presence in our daily lives:

1. Close your eyes.. breathe in.. and out.. 

Take a few deep breaths to appreciate the present moment instead of worrying about the ever-changing future. Being present and acknowledging those magic moments in everyday life is just as important as being excited for your next project, trip or big event.

2. Do one task at a time

Ditch the multi-tasking. Find focus and prioritise your workload rather than working through several tasks at once.  Being able to give your undivided attention to important tasks allows us to be much more detail orientated and put the quality into our work that it deserves. So next time, instead of trying to rush through several things at once, focus on one item at a time before taking a short break and moving on.

3. Slow down, make space

It’s easy to move through the day without considering the effects it might have on our bodies and emotions. It’s important to take the time to check in with yourself to notice how your body and mind are faring: are you running on autopilot? Anxious about a difficult situation? Make some space in your day to make considered decisions and tune into what’s going on with yourself and others around you.

4. Tap into your creativity

Mindfulness and creativity are like soulmates destined to better one another. By practising mindfulness we heighten our creative abilities and by practising creativity we let our soul sing. Whether you like to experiment in the kitchen or through visual mediums, voice or written word, entering a state of creative flow is a great way to settle a busy mind.

5. Commit to daily earthing

Our bodies are made up of mostly water and minerals, which makes us great conductors for electricity. Spending most of the day walking across carpeted floors, driving, catching public transport and wearing clothes allows our bodies to become charged with electric energy with nowhere to go. By taking off our shoes and connecting to the surface of the earth, we’re able to drain the positive charge in our body and restore it to its natural equilibrium so we can avoid pain and inflammation, strengthen our immune system and boost concentration.

6. Explore

Step outside your comfort zone and reawaken those senses! Exploring is a great way to become present and live in each moment and new experience. This doesn’t mean you need to spend thousand of dollars jumping on a plane; you can find joy in new experiences by changing your routine, finding a different path to walk to work or even find another juice bar to get your daily dose. It’s a great way to let go of fear and embrace the possible.

7. Live consciously

Sometimes life gets ahead of us and we forget to consider the depth of our actions. Living consciously doesn’t necessarily mean you need to cleanse and rebalance your entire world, but rather just live simply. Take the time to truly listen and nourish your body in the best way possible. Fuel your mind outside of the social media bubble and speak to yourself with consideration, just as you would to a friend.

8. Meditate in your own way

Meditation is a great way to boost your inner peace. Regular practice has been shown to reduce stress and improve emotional, interpersonal and cognitive functions. It can also help those suffering from chronic pain and certain medical conditions. Meditation comes in many varied forms and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach – simply find what works best for you.

9. Listen

Listen fully without distraction or agenda. Transformational listening allows you to strengthen those relationships that make the day-to-day grind worthwhile. By being able to give without expecting anything in return, we can appreciate what really matters in life.

10. Feel

Allow yourself to feel what you need to feel without restraint or control. Suppressed emotion will eventually rise up as anxiety or illness. Practice accepting that positive and negative emotions can co-exist and are key to coping with the challenges that life throws our way. So get excited, scared, laugh, gasp, cry, let yourself feel it all. It’s one of the best things about being a human.

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