Are You A Soulpreneur?

It’s time. The rise of the Soulpreneur. Time that we redefine “success” on our own terms.

Many of us have realised that numerical or outward success isn’t a guaranteed ticket to fulfilling careers and lives.

Soulpreneurship is about creating a business and life that feels good on the inside, not just looks good on the outside.

We have woken up to the highlight reels of social media, empty promises of happiness in climbing the corporate ladder and the stress of pushing and hustling our way through the rat race.

Many of us would rather embody the spirit animal of a turtle.. slow, steady, sustainable and soulful lives and growth. A perfect alchemy of patience and persistance. Knowing that progress is progress, no matter how small the steps.

This is a time of redefining success by service to others, making a difference and experiencing more flow, freedom and FUN in our careers and lives.

It’s a time to find and follow what lights us up and makes us feel alive. It’s infectious and a positive influence on the people and world around us.

We lead by example. We lead with love.

Believing that authenticity breeds abundance and that living your truth is the ticket to true happiness.

The old belief of bigger being better no longer applies. We are about quality over quantity.

We have never experienced a time of such significant change and transition. While there is a darkness in the digital age, there is an undeniable light and momentum building as more Soulpreneurs and Lightworkers connect and step up.

We’re seeing more Soulpreneurs rise up to lead by example. They lead with love. They lead with kindness.

Encouraging collaboration instead of comparison. And community replaces competition.

They are running their communities and careers with integrity and devotion to a better world.. with their authenticity attracting abundance.

Sometimes Soulpreneurs may shy away from the spotlight, feeling the falseness and narcissism of the digital space however we need to remember this isn’t about us. It’s about the people, planet and animals who need our message and work.

We have the advantage of deep sensitivity and empathy to feel those who need us. Their challenges, highs, lows and most importantly their feelings.. what they need and what they want.

So take a look inside.

Who can you help. What can you do. How can you help the world feel better.

Step out of your own way.

Look outside the box.

Apparently we become the five people we spend the most time with, so choose wisely.

It’s one of the many reasons I created Soulpreneurs to nurture a community of like-minded souls who want to have fun and heal the world together. Please come join us!

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