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Last week we put a call out to the Earth HQ community to open up about what social media means for them and to share their tips for using social media in a soulful way. Check out some of our responses below. 

“I think that like anything and everything, the only meaning something has is the meaning we give it … Things are what we make them. I’ve experienced both sides of the coin: the discomfort, grossness and downright disgust of what can show up on my feed, and also the gratitude. Sometimes I think, ‘Wow, social media, you’ve really, REALLY helped me.’”
Tara Bliss

“So much anxiety is caused by scrolling through Instagram and seeing people who are seemingly perfect. I think all the beautiful shots are great and all the beautiful people are fine, as long as they are balanced with reality every now and then … For the younger people on Instagram who don’t realise that so many of these photos have been touched up/filtered/taken from different angles etc, it’s important to remind them that they’re not real. It’s ok to play fantasy but we need to remember that we are beautiful just the way we are without any filters, without any hashtags and without any great angles.”
Bianca Dye

“Social media can be great if you are following and looking at the right stuff, [but] there are so many negative things out there. I share Miracles Now deck cards that I pull for the week and hopefully it rubs off on others!”
Kamla Ruthnam

“I personally believe that social media is one of the best ways to ‘shine my light’ and share vibrant, beautiful quotes, affirmations or images with the world. It’s a great vessel for raising the vibration! There will always be negative or ego-driven social media expressions and outlets, but for me it’s my way of sharing my inspiration. More of it, I say!”
Santarita Kollosche

“My belief is that social media does have a place when it is used from an intentional place of love, kindness, compassion and gratitude. Not from a place of self-gratification. From a society perspective, the more places we feel held by people who are living their truth in a soul and love-filled way, the more positive change we ourselves can make.”
Aimee Sharkey

“Social media makes me feel connected to a bigger part of the world. I’m a single mumma to three little souls and I always find a bit of pretty in my day when I’m on Instagram or Facebook. I also like to share little tid bits from my day on Instagram, like a gorgeous picture of my babies sleeping together or a painting that I’ve done with a nice quote – whatever I feel guided to post.”
Serena Abdul


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