Reasons we still love raw desserts


If you haven’t gotten on the raw food bandwagon yet, it’s time to dip those feet into the adventure zone! We can’t promise life-changing superpowers, but we can promise you’ll feel satisfied and they’ll taste amazing from start to finish. Here are three more reasons why you should devote this weekend to creating – or simply just eating – some divine raw desserts.

They are nutrient rich
Raw desserts are typically free from processed products and chemicals, and also retain their vitamins and minerals at a much higher rate. There are no empty calories here – sweetness comes naturally from fruits, raw honey or unprocessed syrups (coconut and maple), so you should experience less of a sugar spike than from desserts made on processed white sugar.

They are full of good-for-you fats and antioxidants
There’s a lot of information out there about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ fats. Most raw desserts are based on the healthy fats found in nuts (vitamin central), seeds (hello omega 3s!) and coconut oil (which contains MUFAs – a healthy version of saturated fat), which can help balance your hormones, nourish your gut lining and promote glowing skin. Raw desserts also retain their high antioxidant value through ingredients like berries and cacao, which help to fight those free radicals that like to damage our cells and assist premature ageing.

They give you a protein hit
Raw desserts are naturally high in plant-based protein, which is absorbed into our bodies easily – especially if you spend a little extra time activating ingredients like nuts to help break down some of the natural ‘antinutrients’ like phytic acid. These kinds of desserts are sustainable sources of fuel that will help you to feel full for longer and prevent hectic cravings throughout the day.

Ready to start chomping on raw desserts right now? Check out our delicious recipe for berry raw love bites from Elsa’s Wholesome Life right HERE.

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