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We continue our Life Purpose Series this week with Dr Ezzie Spencer. Dr Ezzie trained as a lawyer and worked in human rights and law reform before completing a PhD in women’s wellbeing after sexual violence. She now teaches her personal practice, Lunar Abundance – how to find peace and prosperity by following the moon’s cycle. We checked in with Dr Ezzie to find out more about how she found her life purpose.

You have degrees in law, history and a PhD in women’s wellbeing after sexual violence. Were these all part of the masterplan, or digressions on your career path as your discovered your life purpose?
My purpose is straightforward. What has changed over the course of my life is the way that I’ve expressed my purpose: the how. For example, for a long time I felt the law was a powerful way for me to advance social justice and women’s wellbeing. That fit my purpose, which is to have a positive impact on others as far as possible – whilst growing and learning and enjoying my good life.

For me, a life lived on purpose is a life that is open hearted, abundant, creative, courageous, caring and connected. One in which I play and serve. My purpose runs throughout my work and my personal life. As for my professional life, I have just followed the crumbs. I didn’t wake up one morning and decide to do exactly what I do now. It has been a slow burn to create a business that is fun for me, and transformational for others.

What would your advice be to someone who doesn’t know what their life purpose is?
Developing the sense of what feels right is a useful way to remember your purpose. Personally, the way that I’ve come back into connection with my inner knowing is to follow the moon’s cycle: the moon being a guide, a mirror, for our emotional landscape.

You can couple this with detective work about yourself. For example, feel into:

  • Being a child. What did you love?
  • Being on holidays. What do you naturally do?
  • Choosing a job. What type of work do you gravitate towards?

You can also ask five people who love you: how would they describe you?

When you follow the clues in the answers to these questions, you’ll see that the threads of your purpose are already woven throughout your life. Your job is to allow yourself to embrace your purpose – even if it isn’t something you’d perceive as dazzling, like being an online leader or celebrated author. A life lived on purpose is so much more important than glamour.

How do you think people know when they’re living in their true life purpose – what are the signs?
Do you feel stable and fulfilled in multiple aspects of your life – for example, your career/business, your family, your relationships, your home? Do you feel a sense of anticipation and delight about the days and weeks ahead? Are you able to experience and take pleasure in this moment? Most importantly: do you feel alive? If your answers are yes, you’re probably expressing your purpose just fine.

Living on purpose is not a fantasy state. It’s about living – with all the ups and downs and messiness that life entails – but it should feel right. If, on the other hand, you spend Sunday evening in a state of dread about the week ahead, or you have an ongoing sense that there must be a better way, then it may be time for deeper enquiry about how you’re actually living (and perhaps making some courageous changes).

What wisdom will you be sharing with the lucky 100 attendees at the Soulpreneur Sessions launch event in Brisbane?
We’ll dig deeper into the above topics about remembering and living your purpose, and I’ll share personal stories about how it all unfolded for me. You’ll also start to apply my Lunar Abundance technique – a way to follow the moon’s cycle to cultivate a deeper connection with your inner knowing, peace and power.

Download Dr Ezzie’s free lunar calendar online, follow her lunar updates in real time on Instagram @ezziespencer and make sure you sign up to The Earth Academy VIP list for updates on events and education programs.

Photo courtesy of In Her Image Photography.

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