Life Purpose Series: Belinda Davidson


Many of us spend a fair amount of time thinking about our life purpose and how/when it’s ever going to reveal itself… Is it going to pop into our heads like an epiphany? Should we be working harder to figure it out? What kind of groundwork do we need to do? Medical intuitive, spiritual mentor, author and public speaker Belinda Davidson was one of the fortunate ones whose purpose came to her spontaneously one day.

Belinda had tapped into her psychic abilities from childhood. She explains that she even befriended a ghost who hadn’t yet transitioned into the light. “My first best friend was a ghost, her name was Julie and she was my best friend in the entire world,” Belinda explains. “Julie hung around me until my late 20s when I realised that I could help her move over into the light. I could see her, so she wanted to be around me, but she was very sad, lonely and trapped here on earth.”

But it was as she was meditating and working with the White Light in adulthood that Belinda discovered her true purpose. One day during a meditation session, she experienced visions of a curved marble staircase, a temple and a benevolent being who spoke to her. During the following months, Belinda used meditation to journey back into the temple and have conversations with her spirit guides, who taught her about her personal purpose.

Belinda was taught that she is put here on earth to spread the word about the White Light and to show other people how to discover their own life purpose.

She learnt that working with chakras and practising mindfulness are also vital to accessing information about your soul purpose, as all of the meditation and chakra work she had been doing had made her vibrationally ready for her purpose to be revealed.

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