Gabrielle Bernstein shares her top writing tips


Keen to launch your thoughts into the blogosphere but have no idea how to start? Or have you been building your business for a while, but now hesitant about taking that next step with a book? New York Times best-selling author, motivational speaker and life coach Gabrielle Bernstein is here to help.

When we interviewed Gabby for the launch issue of our free digital magazine, she told us that her books are the achievement she’s most proud of in her life. I’m just proud that I’ve been allowing myself to be a vessel to allow that kind of content to come through me and to be in a co-creation and collaboration with God and spirit to write these books. I’m so lucky to have the privilege to be able to put books into the world,” she says. We caught up with The Spirit Junkie to get her advice on writing riveting content.

Believe in yourself
Gabby’s literary education may have ended in the eighth grade, at the age of 14, but she picked it back up again 14 years later when she was writing her first book. “I was terrified about writing that book, but I learnt how to write in my voice and now I have four books in print and two New York Times best-sellers!”

Share your unique story
“I think if anyone is saying they don’t know how to write or don’t have a literary background – get over it! Just write, tell your story. I think it’s our stories that heal and our work is to really carry those messages and share those stories.”

Set a writing routine – and stick to it
I write when inspiration hits, but I write every day,” she says. “Now that’s not exactly true with this most recent book because I had more time to write it, but I have a very innate discipline so I’ll write and step away for a few days, and then come back and write. But I’ve written books in a shorter period of time – I wrote my first book in four months and I just made sure to write every single day and get it out on the page every single day.”

Find your own style
Gabby says that writing was never a natural process for her. She struggled with it until she settled into her own style. “I’m a very natural speaker but not really a natural writer,” she says. “But when I learnt how to write in my speaking voice, it all unfolded. I could just write the way I speak – and it worked!”

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