What Is “Your Trick” To Selling Out Events?


The most common event related questions we receive are:

Please take a look at my event and tell me what I’m doing wrong.
Please help me, no one is buying tickets, I think I need to cancel.
Why do your events always sell well, what’s your trick?

It’s not only first time event newbies either.

We are asked this from well known “famous” people too, who are embarrassed by their struggle to convert their abundant online following, to actually buy an event ticket.

It breaks my heart.

Especially when I know there is a huge audience wanting them and needing their event.

Although they made the common mistake of missing steps along the way.

Which is why I’ve personally created our Event Success program.

I don’t believe I have any magical event superpowers or “tricks”.

I believe in what I do have: 6 awesome steps and a system I created through years and years of real life event experiences.

From the music industry to the health industry, my same rules apply:

The most significant steps to selling out your event, happens months before your tickets have even gone on sale.

It’s in the visioning, researching, planning and branding.

Embracing your audience empathy.

Having your marketing front of mind the whole way through.

Creating an event that is an easy sell in the first place.

Creating your audience’s dream event and delivering the invitation to them to attend (buy tickets) is when the magic happens.

Over the years I have loved working with our clients to create this magic.soulpreneursVisioning, researching, sometimes going back to the drawing board, visioning and researching again..

Until the magic moment we nail that dream come true, for the speaker and their audience.

If you are devoted, truly devoted, to creating an event experience for your audience that transforms their life and effortlessly sells out..

I invite you to please take a look at what is happening before your event goes onsale, rather than the pushing afterwards.

Did you create your audience’s dream come true?

Did you explore different event types and styles and formats?

Did you research, do you know what they are after?

We dive deep into this (and so much more) in our EVENT SUCCESS Course – enrolments filling fast and close on Thursday!



Yvette Luciano, CEO + Founder Earth HQ, Earth Events and the Earth Academy fro Soulpreneurs™

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