Because you want confidence and clarity, to create awesome events for your audience

  • It’s time for you to be seen and heard as the expert you are!
  • You know that in-person events create incomparable impact, and transformation.. AND a limitless marketing, promotional and profitable value to your business.

Or perhaps your dream is to organise sell-out events for others?

  • Create an abundant income working with your favourite speakers!
  • Bring them to your town, or travel on adventures with them to big audiences and cities, or remote retreat locations.


Maybe you would love to have more fun and excitement in your career, through being the go-to event guru in your company?

Or do you have a favourite charity that you would love to host community fundraising events for?


The wonderful thing about our Event Success program is that it equips you with the proven steps to successful, sell out events regardless of which industry or event type!

We have followed these steps for successful retreats for 15 people, workshops for 50, seminars for 500 and conferences for 1500+

Remove your resistance ~ Reduce your risk ~ Relieve your overwhelm



"Earth HQ are a team of lightworkers who create the most incredible, sacred spaces for people to gather, learn and heal. I hope to continue to work with Yvette Luciano and Earth HQ for many years to come." Gabrielle Bernstein


"Yvette and the team at Earth HQ are changing the world one event at a time. Not only that, but they are bloody awesome to work with and have become part of our extended family of awakened individuals!" Pete Evans


"Working with the Earth HQ team is a total delight: easy, fun, and unbelievably positive from conception to completion. I always know I’m in the very best hands whenever I’m with Yvette and her Earth Angels!" Gala Darling


You get a spark of excitement when you think of events.

Whether it be brand new event ideas, or ways to seriously uplevel your existing events.

There are event visions and dreams floating in your mind.

You can see them and feel them.

Even if you have hosted several events, or none..


You hit overwhelm and resistance when you start thinking about all the details, and procrastinate on taking those next steps.

Although what’s really underneath that block?

Maybe you are worried that you don’t have enough experience or knowledge in events to bring the vision to life.. because there is SO much to think about and action.

You could hire a professional planner although it will cost thousands of dollars, and you already have no idea if your event will make money.. let alone break even!

You are worried that speakers will say no, your event won’t sell well, it will be a waste of time and money.

And you’ll look and feel like a failure when everyone ‘sees’ your event be cancelled, or a half empty room.

Which is why your ‘event dream’ stays just that.. a dream. Maybe for down the track.

Although what if there is an audience waiting for you to step up and start taking action NOW?

What if you had a comprehensive training course, to take you step-by-step through the detail, and a proven easy-to-action system?

And awesome checklists and templates up your sleeve.

Add to that, a loving mentor who has your back, and has created hundreds of events across almost two decades?

AND email access to a professional event team to support your Event Success!

The EVENT SUCCESS course was created for you!


An understanding of the entire event management + marketing process. The big picture and the small details.


A customised, detailed event plan for you (or your team) to easily action.


The confidence of being supported by a professional event team, and an abundance of practical resources, checklists and toolkits.


Feel good by ticking the boxes of what you already know, and filling the missing gaps with top level education from in-the-industry experts.


Course Curriculum


Including overview of the event industry, event planner archetype, power of visualisations for unlocking true event potential.



First exciting step is to get your event vision on to paper. This is the brief.

Gain crystal clarity on your Why, Who, What, How and When.

You will love working through your audience journey, as we explore Event Storyboards, Venues Options, Event Style/Type (more than you can imagine), Ticketing and Timing.



We dive deeper into the details together. Organising your budgets, timelines and to-dos.

Receive an abundance of resources and guidance as we walk through Runsheets, Theming, Catering, AV, Production, Travel/Accom/Freight, Merch, Photo/Video, Your Team, Volunteers, Securing Speakers and Sponsors.

Venue sourcing, criteria, inspections and negotiations - saving you big bucks!

You receive awesome templates and an exclusive focus class on event budgets, financial management, insurance, risk management, legals and contracts (venues, speakers, suppliers).

Stop leaving money on the table and start drawing in multiple revenue streams from one event.



our event artwork and messaging (the branding) is what gets everyone talking.

The event name, artwork, sales pages, ticketing processes, messaging and communications set the tone and create excitement immediately.

You will discover what you do (and don’t) need from designers and copywriters, and how to research exactly what your audience wants, and how to sell it to them.. in a soulful (not sleazy) way.



Time for your event marketing and promoting masterclass!

We cover PR, media, promotions, social media, VIPs, influencers, competitions, email engagement, activating your audience, ticketing and customer care.

Discover the marketing magic that happens before the first tickets have even been released.

The awesome promotions that create ticket sales spikes, and the all-too-common promotional mistakes that kill sales.

This module is so important, valuable and extensive that it could be an entire course of it’s own!



Everything you need for final preparation and checks, preparing for a smooth event day, troubleshooting and creating an event day social media buzz.



How to maximise the magical after effect of a successful event.

Post event engagement, wrapping up with love, reap the rewards, continuing the connection, reporting your learnings to ensure an even better one next time.


Course Delivery


Instant Course Access: Videos, Audios, Transcripts + Worksheets.


12-weeks of exclusive email support from the Event Success team, answering your questions direct.


Event Success Toolkit: Handbook, templates and sample documents including event checklists, media releases, runsheets, budgets etc.


Optional attendance at upcoming training days.


Certificate of completion.

You may choose to take the course at your own pace. You have lifetime access to all content, classes and resources!

Yvette Luciano is the CEO and Founder of Earth Events and Soulpreneurs®.

With 15+ years experience in producing events for everyone from record companies and rock stars, to commercial corporations and fundraising charities, to celebrity chefs and New York Times best selling authors.

Hundreds (possibly thousands) of events later, Yvette is excited to mentor the next wave of event producers, planners and entrepreneurs.

Helping YOU learn the craft of producing educational, inspirational and influential events and live experiences.

“I want everyone to access the simple steps and system we use to produce events. This is the insight and training I wish I had along the way!”

Success Stories

"As my business grows, I'm finding I'm hosting more and more events. They allow me to share my message, connect with clients face to face and reach more people. Having access to all the incredible tools in the Event Success course has been invaluable, and the guidance and expertise offered by Yvette has helped me feel confident stepping into this side of my business." Shunanda Tsaccounis
"Even with corporate experience behind me, I found that it is a very different world when you start organising your own business events, the tables turn and it is your money, your reputation and your product that you are marketing. The Event Success Course helped me fine tune that past experience to better target and market to an audience that I wanted buy-in and support from. The templates, the course materials, activities and the masterminds all create a beautiful and harmonious learning environment that you can undertake within the course schedule or at your own pace. After undertaking the course I have run my second successful event with over 110 attendees and have now forged like-minded friendships with the other course participants that I will treasure and respect for a life time. I highly encourage anyone starting a business, or focusing on an event career to undertake this course." Kathy Gardiner
"If you have ever thought about including live workshops or events as part of your business then this course is an absolute must. After attending one of Yvette's events years ago and seeing how a heart centred business collides with the event production world in a beautiful explosion, I knew this would be the perfect introduction to running events and I wasn't disappointed." Ros Scott-Mackenzie
"I held my first retreat this weekend! The response has been overwhelming with every person blown away with the transformation and sheer joy they found here. Thank you so much Yvette for your wonderful Event Success course, giving me the boost and confidence to follow my dreams. I'm already getting booked up for November and March next year and thinking about a week long summer event for 2018/2019! I couldn't be happier, thank you!" Caya Munro
"The Event Success course is jam packed with everything you could ever need to know about creating and staging your perfect event. The course is extremely comprehensive, yet simple and easy to understand. Event Success helped me recognise all the elements that I need to consider in order to pull off AMAZING events. I feel so much more prepared and capable to deliver awesome live classes, workshops and events and I highly recommend this course for anyone who is looking to learn from the best!" Angelique De Gruchy, Yoga Sessions



"Yvette is a powerhouse – the kind of woman you want to team up with to make magic time and time again. She brings not only years of event and PR expertise to the table, but a soulful approach and genuine passion to change the world" Rachel MacDonald


"Yvette Luciano has helped me unlock my true potential in a myriad of ways. She has given me the strength to see what is truly possible. Her knowingness and the strength she carries in her own life inspires me to keep seeing beyond my personal limitations. A truly enlightened, inspired soul" Wes Carr


"If you need someone to lead you into a life and career filled with love, light and boundless inspiration to speak your truth, but more importantly – to actually do the work and be living your dream – Yvette is someone to have in your wings." Sarah Wilder

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a very busy couple of months, will this be problem?

Absolutely no problem. Almost everyone doing this course has busy households, businesses, day jobs, and commitments.

The classes and content will be yours to access forever.

I have a very busy couple of months, will this be problem?

Absolutely no problem. Almost everyone doing this course has busy households, businesses, day jobs, and commitments.

The classes and content will be yours to access forever.

Do I need to register for myself, and my assistant?

One registration per business is absolutely fine. All users will be required to be at the same IP address though, please let us know if this is a concern.

Is this a course my employer might invest in?

Absolutely! This course will equip you with all of the knowledge and tools to create awesome events.

The toolkit and templates alone are worth more than the course investment, and are a very small fraction of the investment of hiring event planners.

Even if you do choose to hire an event planner, this course will give you (and your boss) a great understanding of what is involved during the event process, and what you should (and shouldn't) be expecting and paying for.

Can the course investment be a tax deduction for me?

We will happily provide you with a tax invoice for this professional training.

However please double check with your accountant on claims, as we are unable to give tax advice.

Is it a problem that I can’t attend the in-person day?

No way, we'll film the best bits for you.

This is simply a bonus gift that is not compulsory or part of your course curriculum.

How much time will I need to study?

Approximately 2-3 hours per module, depending on how deeply you work through the workbooks.

Is this the same as the Soulpreneurs® Program?

No. They are two separate programs hosted by the same dedicated team.

We do dip into events as a small but significant part of the Soulpreneurs program in Module 7: Speaking To The World (which is focused more on developing your speaking career).

The Event Success program takes you to the next level of event management + marketing.

The two programs align and fit beautifully together, although are different courses.

I’m a total event newbie, will this course be a good place for me to start?

Yes, we couldn't imagine a better place to start!

I’m already an event professional, will I learn anything new?

The beauty of this course is that we cover every part of a successful event from the planning to the promoting. From a beginner to an advanced level.

Even after almost two decades of events, Yvette continues to learn and discover more every day about producing and promoting even better events.

You will have access to all of Yvette's priceless expertise, experiences, highs, lows and lessons along the way.

If you do start the course and within the first 10 days feel that it isn't what you expected, then we will give you a full refund. No risk!

Any other questions?

Please email


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