EP 29: Events with Ease (Backstage Secrets and Steps)

Have you noticed this exciting trend? We’re stepping back to the future.

Have you seen the resurgence of more leaders and teachers jumping offline to host in-person experiences?

Tony Robbins says that events are “the most fun and fast way to create the deepest impact in people’s lives”.

There’s no question that Events help you grow your audience, your influence and your income.

Whether it’s a social event, spiritual gathering, educational class, seminar, workshop, retreat, product or book launch, community fundraiser or business conference.

Soulpreneurs CEO Yvette Luciano in an expert on soulful events that sell out.

After two decades of producing events for rockstars and record companies to corporates and charities, through to becoming an event entrepreneur producing six and seven figure tours for best selling authors and celebrity chefs through ‘Earth Events’.

Yvette has produced hundreds of events for more than 40,000 attendees!

In this special episode, Yvette shares backstage secrets and an introduction to her proven six step process to Event Success.

BONUS DOWNLOAD: the video or PDF version of this podcast!

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