EP 27: Alexi Panos and Preston Smiles: Confidence + Clarity (Part 1)

Now THIS is an episode you won’t want to miss a moment of.

Personal development’s power couple, Alexi Panos and Preston Smiles give you the ultimate pep talk to take your next big step!

As founders of the groundbreaking Bridge Method (which includes their live workshops, and various online training programs), Alexi and Preston have created a movement of transformation that has taken us by storm through their unique and passion-filled approach to sharing age-old wisdom.

Using social media as a main source of connection and distribution of their lively educational videos, they’ve built an incredible tribe of loyal fans around the globe who aren’t just inspired by their work, but are empowered by it.

Their new book NOW OR NEVER is out now, which follows their previous books LOVE LOUDER and 50 WAYS TO YAY.

We had the pleasure of recording not just one but TWO awesome sessions with both Alexi and Preston for you.

This first part will help you ooze confidence and take action!

We discuss everything from how to handle people who “don’t get you”, moving through comparison, positive money mindset and how to connect with the soul and higher guidance of your true purpose.. rather than fitting in with what everybody else is doing.

And stay tuned for our next episode with Alexi and Preston on how to share your message with the world. Whether it be your books, vlogs, social media or collaborations.

You can find out more at www.alexiandpreston.com

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