Ep 07: Luke Hines on Goal Setting


What’s your take on goal setting?

How do you get clear on what you want to achieve and reach in your career, business and life?

Goal setting or planning creates a motivating and inspiring road map to a fulfilling future.

A recent study through a Harvard MBA Program showed that a tiny 3% of their graduates who had clear, written goals were earning TEN TIMES the amount of the other 97% of their class who didn’t have clear goals.

Crazy right?

So there is proof of the power of goal setting.

I’m not saying that money is everything, there are many more measurements of success to be considered.

Although I know in my own life that those friends or clients or students who do set goals, tend to stay clearer and more focused and confident on what they want in life.

They are less likely to get side tracked and follow every new bright shiny thing along the way.

When we don’t have goals or a general plan, not only are we kinda in the dark, but our partners or teams and people in our lives don’t know how to best support us.

When we can show them the clear dreams and goals of what we’re trying to reach, it helps them understand us.

For me I love to have a vision board with key images and words that show how I want my life to look and feel.

And I also have a piece of paper with the list of a handful of things I want to have acheived in six months time. They sit next to each other above my desk.

I also break them down into weekly and monthly goals and guide posts as I go.

And if a particular goal or intention or plan isn’t feeling good anymore, it can always be changed. We evolve and grow and things change.

In those circumstances, the goal posts and plans and vision boards get a spruce up.

So what is your goal setting process?

We had a great chat with Soulpreneur teacher Luke Hines about his awesome post-it approach and so many other great tips and insight you will love.

So first a little more about my dear friend Luke who is probably one of my favourite foodie and recipe developers.

Luke is all about celebrating real food that tastes phenomenal, and he believes it should be something everyone can enjoy by making it fun, sustainable and delicious.

With his down to earth, back to basics approach, his background in health and fitness combined with his successful stint as a finalist on Australia’s #1 hit TV program My Kitchen Rules, and kicking butt as the trainer on Australia’s Next Top Model, his contagiously positive energy has seen him release six top selling Clean Living cookbooks, and even working with Angelina Jolie as a trainer and food consultant.

I’ve personally worked with Luke on a bunch of tours and projects, and he is a favourite teacher in our Soulpreneurs program.

So let’s dive in chatting with Luke about:

  • Goal setting strategies
  • How to gain clarity on who we truly are and what we want
  • Self care and digital detox for online entrepreneurs
  • Attracting your first clients in a crowded marketplace

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