Ep 03: James Colquhoun (Food Matters) on Your True Potential and Possibility


What do you believe are the limits of possibility in your career or business?

We all have them.

A self imposed level of success, a number of clients or readers, or an income bracket or barrier.

Where do you get stuck? or dare not to dream beyond?

Please know that I don’t always believe that bigger is better, although many of us do stay and play small because we don’t believe that reaching the next level of success or income or happiness is reachable for us.

Someone who has pulled me up on this in the past, is my friend and tour collaborator, James Colquhoun who is the co-founder and filmmaker of Food Matters, Hungry for Change and the awesome FMTV which is kinda like the health version of Netflix.

I know from working with James and putting a national tour together with him and the FM crew, that they are a team of visionaries who are deeply committed to helping the world become a healthier, happier place on the largest scale possible.

Even with a global community of millions, Food Matters have only just begun what I believe to be one of the most significant movements in the health world.

James sat down to film an extensive masterclass for our Soulpreneur students, and today we share some audio highlights with you through this Soulpreneur Sessions podcast episode.

We start with:

  • uncovering our true potential
  • the stories we tell ourselves, and belief systems, and limitiations that start from our earliest years of our life
  • importance of understanding and dissolving our limiting beliefs when pursuing our purpose
  • and the beauty of buddies when resetting our beliefs

Enjoy this inspiration injection in which James helps you unleash what’s truly possible in your lifetime.


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