Soulpreneur Role Model: Doreen Virtue

Kinda weird to call her this, but Doreen Virtue is one of my business role models.

Not for the reasons you may think though.

Yes Doreen has enjoyed decades of an incredible career lighting up the world through her books, speaking, events and oracle cards.

She has helped many people. Myself included.

I’ve probably spent thousands of dollars on Doreen products and programs over the year.

Every cent completely worth it for the invaluable inspiration and comfort I have received in times of need.

Not everyone agrees with me.

There are times that Doreen has been criticised for charging for her work and angel messages.

Nasty blogs and comments. That it should be free or cheaper, that she’s just a money making machine blah blah blah.

Although behind the scenes she is known to be super generous and philanthropic.

Now this. She is investing huge amounts of money into her new home.. an Animal Sanctuary.

And I’m so bloody happy that all the ‘money I’ve paid her’ over the years is going to this..

Reason I’m posting this message?

Because I want all of us to be reminded that we are allowed to pray and work and manifest financial abundance.

I want you be financially flourishing.

You are allowed to become wealthy.

Wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.

Or your parent’s dreams, or husband’s dreams.

There is nothing spiritual about being broke.

Can you imagine what the world would be like, if all the big hearted people were the wealthy ones?

What we could all do with that wealth and affluence?

The animals we could help..

The countries we could feed..

The artists we could pay..

The organic farmers we could support
and healthy food we could feed our family..

I want you to live your purpose and lift your platform.

That’s what we are all about in Soulpreneurs.

Although I also want you to be prosperous too.

I believe that your purpose AND your prosperity go hand in hand.

Let’s all manifest big abundance during this supercharged new moon weekend.

For ourselves, for each other

and for all the amazing contribution we can make to the world when our big bank balances are thriving.

Let’s attract money into the hands of those who will do good with it.

x Yvette Luciano
Soulpreneurs Creator and CEO
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