Courage To Change

“maybe the bravery isn’t in what I do, it’s in what I don’t do”

Smiling as I read through journal mumbles from last year when I was in the middle of big changes..

When I was still scared of stepping away from ‘glamorous’ ego projects and parts of my business and life that no longer felt right.

“there is a time to rest, and a time to rise”

Recognising that I needed to let go, make space and let the new blessings come through.
I stepped back,
walked away from big money,
risked bankruptcy,
said ‘no’ a lot,
let people down,
practiced self-forgiveness,
went in circles like a crazy crazy person,
and cried and cried,
and slept and slept.

Then I rested.

Then it was time to rise.


I feel deeply fulfilled by the new direction and business transformation at Earth HQ shifting into 100% focus on our Soulpreneurs (and now with our Event Success course too).

It’s only the beginning of the new era. Still a few layers to shed.

Although I already feel ALIVE and proud that I had the courage to change so much.

I’ll forever be grateful for the years of successful events, pr, marketing and clients we’ve worked with.. mostly because they have given me a wealth of experience to teach from.

Be brave to change your mind, and let go of what no longer serves you.

I know it’s bloody hard when your ‘identity’ is drenched in it, and even harder when you are proud to be really great and successful for what you do.

Although if it no longer fulfills your soul, it’s no longer worth it.

x Yvette Luciano
Soulpreneurs Creator and CEO

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