5 easy ways to boost your energy right now


Are you reading this at your desk, suffering from the 3pm slump? Or scrolling through your phone in bed, too tired to get up and start your day? If you need a quick energy boost, these 5 tricks should get you bouncing.

1. Go outside
A bit of fresh air can have a positive effect on your mood. If you’ve been cooped up in an air-conditioned office all day or have just been too busy to stop and smell the flowers, take a quick break and get outdoors. Whether you can get your feet dirty in nature, or only stick your head out the window for five minutes, the fresh air will help clear negative thoughts and reset your energy levels.

2. Reconnect
Press pause on life for five minutes. Bring your awareness back to the present moment with the help of a quick meditation or the free Five Senses practice from Dr Paula Watkins. Tuning in to your breath will help to clear your head and elevate your mood.

3. Do a quick hit of exercise
Movement gets blood flowing through the body and sends oxygen to the brain. If you like yoga, try a sun salutation, if you’re in the mood for fun, just dance it out, or if you’re after something a little more intense, try 10 star jumps and a skip around the room. It doesn’t matter what you do – just get moving. 

4. Blast your favourite track
Whether you need to stealthily plug in those headphones at work or roll the windows down and the volume up in the car, hit play on that guilty-pleasure tune and let those good vibes ripple through your body.

5. Fake it ’til you make it
If all else fails, try tricking your brain into feeling how you want to feel right now. Act as you would if you were bursting with energy, and see what happens. Slap on a smile and start working your magic.

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